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Rules for University of Oulu Academics, UOA (Oulun yliopiston akateemiset, OYA ry)

Section 1

The formal title of the association is University of Oulu Academics UOA (Oulun yliopiston akateemiset, OYA). The association is based in Oulu.

Section 2
The purpose of the association is: to function as a network between its members, to perform professional advocacy for its members and to promote the rights and benefits related to the work. The organisation also aims to advance the scientific, educational and social aptitudes of its members.

In order to achieve these aims, the association organises meetings, presentation and discussion events and training, courses, information events, excursions, social gatherings and other similar professional and recreational events for its members. UOA also maintains contact with employers, other organisations, associations and the authorities. In addition, the organisation may maintain contacts with similar associations abroad and may become a member of national associations or unions promoting the same objectives. The association may give statements, conduct studies and start initiatives and engage in educational activity and other such activities that advance the objectives of the association.

Section 3
A person with an academic degree who works in teaching, research or other similar duties at the University of Oulu or respective academic institution, or is otherwise engaged in academic work, can become a full member of the association and may be accepted by application.

A University of Oulu student, who aims to begin an academic or research career, can be admitted as a student member. Student members have the right of speech, but not the right to vote at association meetings.

New members are always approved by the board.

It is possible to leave the association by filing a written notification to the board of the association or the chairperson, or by announcing the termination at an association meeting to be marked in the minutes of the meeting.

The board may expel a member who neglects the payment of membership dues (for a minimum of one year) or whose actions impede the achievement of the objectives of the association.

Section 4
In order to finance its operations, the association collects membership dues, determined at the autumn meeting, which may vary for different members (fully employed, working on a grant or student member). Membership dues can be reduced due to reasons such as unemployment, maternity leave, etc. In order to support its operations, the association may accept donations and bequests, and may acquire and own real estate and property.

Section 5
The decision-making body of the association is the meeting and the executive body is the board. The board may, at its discretion, engage officials and pay them salary or a fee in accordance with the funds allocated for this purpose in the budget.

Section 6
The annual general meeting and the autumn meeting are stipulated meetings. When necessary, the board may convene extraordinary meetings. An extraordinary meeting may be called if so decided at an association meeting, or if at least 1/10th of the members of the association with a right to vote appeal to the board in writing, and thus convene due to an announced matter.

Announcement of a meeting must be made at least seven days before the meeting in writing and must be sent to the members or announced by notification in the University bulletin or a wide-circulation newspaper in the Oulu region.

Such matters that the members of the association have announced in writing to the board at least five days before the meeting shall be tabled in the meeting agenda.

Section 7
In the annual meeting, which is convened in April/May, the following issues shall be discussed:
1. An annual report for the previous year prepared by the board shall be presented.
2. A financial statement and the auditor's statement shall be presented.
3. The financial statement shall be confirmed and freedom of responsibility for those accountable shall be granted or measures pertaining to the financial statement shall be decided on.
4. Other matters mentioned in the call for meeting shall be decided.

Section 8
In the autumn meeting, which convenes in November/December, the following matters shall be decided:
1. An action plan for the following year shall be approved.
2. A budget for the coming year shall be approved and the amount and methods of collecting membership dues approved.
3. A chairperson of the board shall be selected for the next period of operations, referred to as the chairperson of the association.
4. The other board members and vice members shall be selected.
5. An auditor and a vice auditor shall be selected.
6. Representatives of the association shall be elected, as well as the required number of vice members for other meetings and bodies in which the association has the right of representation.
7. Other matters mentioned in the call for meeting shall be decided.

Section 9
The board of the association represents the association and manages the administration and operations in accordance with the general guidelines decided in the association meetings.

The board includes a chairperson and eight other members, each of whom have an appointed vice member. The board should be equally representative of the University disciplines, to the extent possible. The term of office for the chairperson and other members of the board is one calendar year.

The board shall elect a vice chairperson, a secretary and a treasurer. Quorum is made in the board if the chairperson or vice chairperson and at least four other members of the board are present. The chairperson, or in the event that the chairperson is unavailable the vice chairperson will convene the board.

Each member has one vote in the board meeting. In the event of a tie, the chairperson's vote shall be decisive - except in elections, in which the result is decided by dice.

Section 10
The operational and financial year of the association is the calendar year. The financial statement must be presented to the auditor by the end of April at latest, and the auditor must submit their statement, addressed to the annual meeting, to the board three weeks before the annual meeting.

Section 11
The chairperson and vice chairperson together, or the chairperson or vice chairperson together with the secretary or treasurer, can sign for the association.

Section 12
Any amendment of these rules may be done in a single board meeting, if ¾ of the votes cast support the proposal, or in two consecutive board meetings held at least two weeks apart, in which at least 2/3rd of the votes cast at each meeting support the proposal.

Section 13
When dissolving the association, the same procedure is followed as with amending the rules. In such case, the association funds shall be donated to a purpose that supports the mission of the association. The manner shall be decided in the same meeting in which the decision to dissolve the association is made.





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