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Syötemökki cottage

UOA owns half of a semi-detached vacation house near Syöte Ski Resort which all members can rent for an affordable fee. The cottage is suited for both winter and summer use and is suitable for max. 10-12 persons.

The cottage (for 10-12 persons) is located at the lake Ala-Huuhkanen, 11 km from the Skiing center Iso-Syöte and 5 km from Syötekeskus, 50 km from the city of Pudasjärvi and 40 km from Taivalkoski. The cottage is ca. 50 m2 with a fireplace, two bedrooms, kitchen, sauna and washroom. Bed linen and towels you have to bring with you.  

Renting time, e. g. Saturday-Sunday, begins on Friday at 4 pm and ends on Sunday at 4 pm. If you want to cancel your booking, please inform about it at the latest two weeks before renting time begins. Bookings and further information: Tel. 029 448 3721, antti.siipo(at)oulu.fi. Check the calendar for free days:


Mon-Fri (EUR/day) Sat-Sun
December   15   40
January   15   50
February   15 
March   20   65
Winter holiday 9 days (week 10)   70   70
Easter 4 days   70   70
April    15 
May   10   40
June-November   10   40
Christmas-Epiphany 14 days   50   50
Skiing holiday   70   70
Easter 4 days
  70   70
Vappu (1. May)

All prices per day.Discount price (unemployed, students) "two nights for one" - doesn't apply on higher rates and March.



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