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The University of Oulu aims to advance the rights of its members primarily through negotiations and other advocacy activities. There are, however, situations and times when such measures are insufficient.

Why do we need readiness for collective action?

• For negotiations - as part of negotiation operations
• To support the negotiators
• To strengthen our credibility in the eyes of the opposing side
• To improve the terms of agreement
• First we negotiate, try to influence popular opinion, work together... If this does not suffice, the power of the association can be used as a method of applying pressure
• The association must be in a permanent state of readiness and prepared to act quickly

If collective action in some form becomes necessary, UOA operates as a part of the Strike Committee of the Negotiation Organisation for Public Sector Professionals, JUKO (Julkisalan Koulutettujen Neuvottelujärjestö / Negotiation Organisation for Public Sector Professionals), at the University of Oulu, according to its guidance.

Division of labour is important in collective action
The unions and JUKO (Negotiation Organisation for Public Sector Professionals) are primarily responsible for informing their members regarding negotiation goals, progress and results.

Communication in a collective action situation is important and therefore local strike organisations must have functioning mailing lists for their members during the collective action. Please remember to update your contact information whenever changes occur.

Forms of collective action
The University Negotiation Committee is responsible for determining the model for possible collective action. The methods of collective action may vary as employment relationships are being negotiated. The possibilities include:
• strike
• partial refusal to work
• prohibition to working overtime
• slowing down working pace (so-called Italian strike)
• group resignation

When choosing the means of collective action, one must take into consideration the anticipated effect on University operations, the employer, the students and the general public. The collective action must be considered as justified in terms of the organisation as well as its members.

When we set realistic goals, we can stand behind them and maintain the spirit of the strike, if necessary!




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