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Researcher, know your rights!

The Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers is bringing their expertise in issues related to contracts and employment to Oulu. Join us on the 2th of October at 14:15 to hear FUURT’s legal adviser Mia Weckman share everything you need to know about your rights as a grant researcher or an university employee. Session will be held in English in the room  SÄ112. You do not need to be a member of FUURT to participate in the event.

Join us also for the evening gathering with stand up comedians! Please find more information on the program here

You can follow the gathering also online at http://connectpro.oulu.fi/vimma2

Coffee and snack will be serviced, so please sign up for the event at latest on the 29th of September by sending an e-mail to aila.mustamo(at)Oulu.fi.


Oulun Yliopiston Akateemiset and FUURT’s Young Scholars’ Network





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