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The Administration Elections of the University of Oulu will be held on 6–10 November through an electronic voting system. The elections are part of the democratic participation in managing and developing university as an educational and scientific community. See also practical information on the elections in Notio.

UOA supports the following candidates to the Board of Directors and to the University Collegium, respectively. These are the main decision-making bodies at the university.


Kimmo Kontio                                       Pirkko Viitala


Developing university can only be based on genuine understanding of the nature of academic work. Research and teaching should not be subjected to systems of management that are alien to the nature of academic work. 

Creative learning processes that result in new scientific knowledge or degrees require supportive and stable conditions. Of vital importance to enhancing this is an environment that is secure and tolerant of trial, error and constructive criticism. Moreover, this presumes predictability for persevering work and an atmosphere of trust where the employees are listened to and acknowledged. It is our objective that the University of Oulu will be this kind of an environment.




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